1979, 2012
35mm film

10 x 15 in. (each)

The past does not exist independently. It exists as an abstract unless contemplated and lives through records and documentation. It is always dependent on the amount of attention it is given in the present moment.

1979 is an attempt to bring the past into the present. It is a reconsideration and re-appropriation of old photographs in present time. The series does this by presenting the lives of two individuals from their separate beginnings to present day. The old photographs are scanned, true to the object’s size, and are placed over new images that were taken to visually compliment the snapshots. The composite images reveal the maturation of the two people as they grow separately and age together over time. Their lives intertwine when they encounter one another in 1979 and henceforth, forming a single narrative rather than two. 1979 offers the viewer to witness their physical and emotional development over the last 50 years.

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